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E-Book Marketing Secrets Exposed

Free eBook E-Book Marketing Exposed

How To Write, Price And Market Your E-Books For Profits! As many more people are going online and entrenching the Information Age, there are also affiliate marketers and resellers who are taking a dip into creating their own products for the first time - and this happens every day. Often times, the challenges in E-Book Marketing (other than product development) include pricing the product and planning the "right" strategies on marketing it to the prospects. All these questions are answered in E-Book Marketing Exposed!

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Author Uninformed
Format Ebook Free PDF - 124 KB

E-Books Profit Pulling Powerhouse

Free E-Book E-Books Profit Pulling Powerhouse

There are innumerable ways to use E-Books to promote your business and drive quality traffic to your website. Once posted on your site, you can turn them into a daily course, which brings your customer back to read the next chapter. You can use them as a free gift for making a purchase or for filling out a survey. Put your E-Book on a disc, and you will have an innovative brochure. Blow your competition away by inserting the disc into your sales packages.

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Author Uninformed
Format Ebook Free PDF - 228 KB

Mini E-Book Gold Mine

Free eBook Mini E-Book Gold Mine

People often ask, “what is a mini E-Book” and why is it important in the scheme of my business? To answer the question of “what is a mini E-Book?”: a mini E-Book is a 5-25 page executable file or PDF document that discusses a very specific topic. While the mini E-Book has become wildly popular as an Internet marketing tool, it is also used in non-IM niches. A mini E-Book can be used for a number of different purposes. In general, however, a mini-E-Book is usually used to convey a very specific – and little known – secret about a niche topic, whether it be car waxing or pet care.

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Author Uninformed
Format Ebook Free PDF - 396 KB

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