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Diet and Health

Ebook Free Diet and Health by Lulu Hunt Peters

I have said that food, and food only, causes fat. That gives you the cue to what you must do to get rid of it. No anti-fat medicines unless under the supervision of your scientific, educated physician. They are dangerous; most of them contain thyroid extract, arsenic, or mercury. Even the vendors of these harmful compounds in their advertisements are now saying to "stop harmful drugging," but urge you to adopt their particular delightful product, and, "without dieting or exercises, you will positively reduce," and so forth.

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Author Lulu Hunt Peters
Format Ebook Free PDF - 556 KB

Disturbances of the Heart

Ebook Free Disturbances of the Heart by Oliver T. Osborne

The second edition of this book is offered with the hope that it will be as favorably received as was the former edition, The text has been carefully revised, in a few parts deleted, and extensively elaborated to bring the book up to the present knowledge concerning the scientific therapy of heart disturbances. A complete section has been added on blood pressure.

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Author Oliver T. Osborne
Format Ebook Free PDF - 620 KB

The Doctrine and Practice of Yoga

Ebook Free The Doctrine and Practice of Yoga by A. P. Mukerji

Practices and Exercises of Concentration, both Objective and Subjective, and Active and Passive Mentation, an Elucidation of Maya, Guru Worship, and the Worship of the Terrible, also the Mystery of Will-Force.

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Author A. P. Mukerji
Format Ebook Free PDF - 312 KB

Food Remedies

Ebook Free Food Remedies by Florence Daniel

There is a sentence in the Talmud to the effect that the Kingdom of God is nigh when the teacher gives the name of the author of the information that he is passing on. With every desire to fulfil the rabbinical precept and acknowledge the sources of this booklet, I find myself in a quandary. If I make my acknowledgments duly I must begin with my grandmother and Culpeper's Herbal. Following upon those come the results of my own and friends' practical experience. After this I should, perhaps, give a list of the periodicals from whose pages I have culled much helpful information.

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Author Florence Daniel
Format Ebook Free PDF - 336 KB

Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants

Ebook Free Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants by A.R. Harding

This book is made up largely from the experiences of hunters and trappers who have dug "seng" and "seal" and who know much of their peculiarities, and scores are now successful growers. In adidtion to Ginseng and Golden Seal nearly 50 other medicinal plants are described--habits, range, price, uses, etc. 

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Author A.R. Harding
Format Ebook Free PDF - 840 MB

The Freedom of Life

Ebook Free The Freedom of Life by Annie Payson Call

In her new book Miss call shows us how in the main affairs of life we may be spared the pain and annoyance of doing right in the wrong way, avoid the distressing waste of nervous force, and gain new life and power for work. 

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Author Annie Payson Call
Format Ebook Free PDF - 308 KB

Health and Education

Ebook Free Health and Education by Charles Kingsley

Whether the British race is improving or degenerating? What, if it seem probably degenerating, are the causes of so great an evil? How they can be, if not destroyed, at least arrested?--These are questions worthy the attention, not of statesmen only and medical men, but of every father and mother in these isles. I shall say somewhat about them in this Essay; and say it in a form which ought to be intelligible to fathers and mothers of every class, from the highest to the lowest, in hopes of convincing some of them at least that the science of health, now so utterly neglected in our curriculum of so-called education, ought to be taught--the rudiments of it at least--in every school, college, and university.

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Author Charles Kingsley
Format Ebook Free PDF - 592 KB

Health Lessons

Ebook Free Health Lessons by Alvin Davison

Fisher, Metchnikoff, Sedgwick, and others have shown that the health of a people influences the prosperity and happiness of a nation more than any other one thing. The highest patriotism is therefore the conservation of health. The seven hundred thousand lives annually destroyed by infectious diseases and the million other serious cases of sickness from contagious maladies, with all their attendant suffering, are largely sacrifices on the altar of ignorance. The loving mother menaces the life of her babe by feeding it milk with a germ content nearly half as great as that of sewage, the anemic girl sleeps with fast-closed windows, wondering in the morning why she feels so lifeless, and the one-time vigorous boy goes to a consumptive's early grave, because they did not know (what every school ought to teach) the way to health.

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Author Alvin Davison
Format Ebook Free PDF - 896 KB

The Healthy Life Cook Book

Ebook Free The Healthy Life Cook Book by Florence Daniel

This little cookery book was originally published for that "straiter" sect of food-reformers who abstain from the use of salt, yeast, etc. But, owing to repeated requests from ordinary vegetarians, who find the book useful, I am now including recipes for yeast bread, cheese dishes, nutmeat dishes, etc. I have put all these in the chapter entitled "Extra Recipes." To go to the opposite extreme there is a short chapter for "unfired feeders." Other new recipes have also been added.

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Author Florence Daniel
Format Ebook Free PDF - 292 MB

How to Add Ten Years to your Life and to Double Its Satisfactions

Ebook Free How to Add Ten Years to your Life and to Double Its Satisfactions by S.S. Curry

In this ebook: Secrets of Morning; Supposed Secrets of Health and Long Life; What is an Exercise; Program of Exercises; How to Practice the Exercoses' Actions of Every Day Life; Work and Play, Significance of Night and Sleep.

Download Free Ebook

Author S.S. Curry
Format Ebook Free PDF - 392 KB

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