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The Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book

Ebook Free The Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book by Thomas R. Allinson

I now leave this book in the hands of the public. I hope that it will be found useful by many and a help to those who wish to live in a way which is conducive to health and at the same time innocent of slaughter and cruelty. The health of the nation to a great extent is in the hands of our cooks and housewives. If they learn to prepare wholesome and pure food, those who are dependent on them will benefit by it. Healthful cookery must result in health to the household and, therefore, to the nation. Avoid disease-communicating foods, use those only which are conducive to health, and you will be rewarded by an increase of health and consequently of happiness.

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Author Thomas R. Allinson
Format Ebook Free PDF - 512 KB

American Cookery - The Art of Dressing Viands, Fish, Poultry, and Vegetables

Ebook Free American Cookery by Amelia Simmons

Book American Cookery - The Art of Dressing Viands, Fish, Poultry, and Vegetables

Download Free Ebook

Author Amelia Simmons
Format Ebook Free PDF - 260 MB

Breakfasts and Teas

Ebook Free Breakfasts and Teas by Paul Pierce

"Breakfast and Teas" is a companion book to that most interesting and helpful series of social works compiled by Paul Pierce, publisher of What To Eat, the National Food Magazine, and the world's authority on all problems pertaining to the drawing room and the table. The other books are "Dinners and Luncheons," "Parties and Entertainments," "Suppers," and "Weddings and Wedding Celebrations." The contents of each volume are selected with especial regard for the extent of their helpfulness for the perplexed hostess.

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Author Paul Pierce
Format Ebook Free PDF - 436 KB

The Book of Household Management

Ebook Free The Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton

In this book I have attempted to give, under the chapters devoted to cookery, an intelligible arrangement to every recipe, a list of the ingredients, a plain statement of the mode of preparing each dish, and a careful estimate of its cost, the number of people for whom it is sufficient, and the time when it is seasonable. For the matter of the recipes, I am indebted, in some measure, to many correspondents of the "Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine," who have obligingly placed at my disposal their formulas for many original preparations.

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Author Isabella Beeton
Format Ebook Free PDF - 1.95 MB

The Century Cook Book

Ebook Free The Century Cook Book by Mary Ronald

This book contains directions for cooking in its various branches, from the simplest forms to high-class dishes and ornamental pieces; a group of New England dishes furnished by Susan Coolidge; and a few receipts of distinctively Southern dishes. It gives also the etiquette of dinner entertainments—how to serve dinners—table decorations, and many items relative to household affairs. 

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Author Mary Ronald
Format Ebook Free PDF - 1.08 MB

Chinese-Japanese Cook Book

Ebook Free Chinese-Japanese Cook Book by Onoto Watanna

Chinese cooking in recent years has become very popular in America, and certain Japanese dishes are also in high favor. The restaurants are no longer merely the resort of curious idlers, intent upon studying types peculiar to Chinatown, for the Chinese restaurants have pushed their way out of Chinatown and are now found in all parts of the large cities of America. In New York they rub elbows with and challenge competition with the finest eating palaces. Their patronage to-day is of the very best, and many of their dishes are justly famous. 

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Author Onoto Watanna
Format Ebook Free PDF - 268 KB

The Complete Book of Cheese

Ebook Free The Complete Book of Cheese by Robert Carlton Brown

Cheese market day in a town in the north of Holland. All the cheese-fanciers are out, thumping the cannon-ball Edams and the millstone Goudas with their bare red knuckles, plugging in with a hollow steel tool for samples. In Holland the business of judging a crumb of cheese has been taken with great seriousness for centuries.  

Download Free Ebook

Author Robert Carlton Brown
Format Ebook Free PDF - 544 KB

The Compleat Cook

Ebook Free The Compleat Cook by Nath. Brook

Expertly Prescribing the Most Ready Wayes, Whether Italian, Spanish or French, for Dressing of Flesh and Fish, Ordering of Sauces or Making of Pastry 

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Author Nath. Brook
Format Ebook Free PDF - 336 KB

Culinary Herbs

Ebook Free Culinary Herbs by M.G. Kains

If this book shall instill or awaken in its readers the wholesome though "cupboard" love that the culinary herbs deserve both as permanent residents of the garden and as masters of the kitchen, it will have accomplished the object for which it was written.

Download Free Ebook

Author M.G. Kains
Format Ebook Free PDF - 320 KB

The Cooking Manual of Practical Directions for Economical Every-Day Cookery

Ebook Free he Cooking Manual of Practical Directions for Economical Every-Day Cookery by Juliet Corson

This book is intended for the use of those housekeepers and cooks who wish to know how to make the most wholesome and palatable dishes at the least possible cost. In cookery this fact should be remembered above all others; A GOOD COOK NEVER WASTES. It is her pride to make the most of everything in the shape of food entrusted to her care; and her pleasure to serve it in the most appetizing form. In no other way can she prove her excellence; for poor cooks are always wasteful and extravagant. 

Download Free Ebook

Author Juliet Corson
Format Ebook Free PDF - 424 KB

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